Personal Accounts


That's right, zero fees for all personal services.

There are some fees that are out of our hands, such as blockchain transaction fees or third party service fees, but we even cover most of those fees for you for regular usage. If there is a fee that is required to use a service, you will see it before you perform an action.

Business Accounts

Business accounts are free for a limited time, but will have some fees in the future. The fees will be very low compared to traditional services though.

There will also be fees for optional services we add in the future.

Third Party Fees

Here are some of the third party fees that may apply depending on what you want to do. Any extra fees will be displayed before you perform an action so you can decide whether you want to pay them.

  • Blockchain fees - depending on the network in use, there are blockchain fees for transactions. TurboWallet covers all fees on GoChain, but does not cover fees for transactions on Ethereum or other networks. These fees are relatively small if you only do these types of transactions every once in a while (~$0.15-$5).

  • Chain swap fees apply for transfers from GoChain to Ethereum (there are no fees for transferring from Ethereum to GoChain). These fees are taken by Chainswap for providing the service. The fees for this fluctuate with Ethereum gas prices and can range from $5 to $50.

  • Savings account fees - there are transaction fees required to transfer tokens into interest bearing accounts. These fees will vary, but you'll see them before making a decision.