Payment Links

Give your customers a way to pay quickly and easily with a single click using TurboWallet Payment Links.

You can add payment links to emails, instant messengers, chats, invoices and websites. They are easy to use and make it so your customers can pay with a click!

When a user clicks a Payment Link, they will be presented with a payment screen with all the details and can then submit the payment with a single click.

Creating Payment Links

You can create a link through the app or make construct them yourself. If it's a one time thing, you may want to make it via the app, but if you plan to integrate Payment Links into your order system, you'll probably want to construct them on your own.

Creating a Payment Link in the App

Click Receive, enter an Amount, then click Continue:

On the next page, you'll see a QR code for the payment and underneath that you'll see a way to copy the payment link:

Click the copy icon:

Then you can paste that into an email or a message to your customer.

Constructing a Payment Link

You can construct your own pay links to integrate into your existing systems.

A payment link looks looks like this:

to_org_id is your organization ID (business ID), which can be found at the bottom of your organization's dashboard

amount is the amount of the sale/invoice.

You can also add more information such as an invoice ID, coming soon. Please contact us if you'd like to try that feature sooner.

TurboWallet Buttons

Add a "Pay with TurboWallet" button to your invoices. Download the images below to use them in your invoices.

Adding Payment Links to Emails

Simply construct a link and use one of the buttons above to send emails like this: