Below you'll find all of the TurboWallet commands:

/start - talk to TurboWallet in a private direct message and type this to create your account and get started.

/deposit TOKEN - get your wallets address so you can add coins/tokens to your TurboWallet,

/send X TOKEN to @USERNAME - this is the main command you'll use to transfer coins/tokens around.

/send X TOKEN to 0xABCABC - this will send to any address on the blockchain, the address does not have to be a user of the messenger.

/send $X in TOKEN to @USERNAME - this will calculate an amount of TOKEN equal to the current market price of the token.

/tip X TOKEN - can only be used when replying to someone else's message.

/balance TOKEN - check your current balance.

/withdraw - gives you information on how to send money to another wallet address. You can send tokens to address instead of a username, but typing /send X TOKEN to 0xABCABC.

/create link X TOKEN - this will generate a one-time use link that you can send to anyone through any medium (email, SMS, any messenger, etc). Once clicked, the user can accept the tokens attached to the link.

/create redenvelope - see Red Envelopes

/donate X TOKEN - donate to your friendly neighborhood TurboWallet

/price TOKEN - get the current price, price changes and rank of a token

/increasegas TOKEN TX_HASH - increases the amount of gas for the transaction indicated by TX_HASH

Swapping Tokens

You can swap tokens from one to another directly in TurboWallet! For example, try:

/swap 1 ETH to GO

This will automatically convert from your ETH wallet to your GO wallet.

You can also swap tokens that aren't supported by TurboWallet and convert them to tokens that are, for instance:

/swap 1 BTC to GO

This will give you an address to send BTC to and when it's finished, the GO will end up in your wallet.

This service is provided by ChangeNow.

You can also do cross chain swaps the same way for example:

/swap 100 USDC to GO:USDC

That will swap USDC on Ethereum to GO:USDC on GoChain. To go back to Ethereum, just swap GO:USDC to USDC.

Crypto Collectibles

For Crypto Collectible commands, see this page.