TurboWallet has full support for crypto collectibles right in your chats. Buy, transfer, view and trade your collectibles with simple chat commands. These are ERC-721's on Ethereum or GO-721's on GoChain.

Commands for Non-Fungible Tokens - aka CryptoCollectibles

/buy TOKEN - purchase a crypto collectible. Try /buy ROBOT to try it out and get a new ROBOT!

/list TOKEN - list your crypto collectibles for the TOKEN. Eg: /list ROBOT to see all your robots.

/view TOKEN ID - view your crypto collectible. Eg: /view ROBOT 458543775710614385449487718144 to see all your robots.

/transfer TOKEN ID to @USERNAME - transfer your collectible to someone else. Can also send to any address instead of @USERNAME.


The ROBOT collectibles are a fun way to play with the TurboWallet collectibles features.

You can buy a robot with /buy robot

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