There are several ways to withdraw money from TurboWallet which are covered below.

Withdrawing Cash

You can withdraw cash from local businesses or persons that that support TurboWallet Virtual ATM. They will give you cash in exchange for tokens.

Simply tell the business/person you would like to withdraw cash from TurboWallet, they will show you a QR code. Tap the "pay" or "withdraw" button on your TurboWallet app, then click "Scan QR Code", scan the code, review the amounts, then click Submit. This will send the business/person your tokens and then they will give you your cash.

Most businesses that accept TurboWallet for payments will provide "cashback" meaning you can ask for some extra cash along with your purchase.

A fee of 5% is added to cash withdrawals. 100% of that fee goes to the business/person providing the service. TurboWallet does not take any part of that fee. By using this service, you are supporting local businesses!

Withdrawing via a Bank Partner

Partner Banks are banks that have partnered directly with TurboWallet or that support the stablecoins we use. If your bank supports this model, you'll be able to send money from TurboWallet to the bank and they will deposit the money directly into your regular bank account.

Withdrawing to a Cryptocurrency Exchange

Since TurboWallet uses stablecoins like USDC, you can send your tokens from TurboWallet directly to most cryptocurrency exchanges, then withdraw from the exchange to your bank account. To do this, click "Pay" then enter the address that the exchange provides you into the "To" line.

In most cases, you'll want to select "Ethereum" as the destination.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are all over the world so you'll have to find one that works in your region and can connect to your bank. If you are in the Europe, Canada or the US, you can use Coinbase. If you are in the Caribbean or Europe, you can use Bittrex Global.


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