Making and Receiving Payments

There are several ways to pay someone, whether in person or on the other side of the world.

In Person Payments

For in person payments, it works like this:

The recipient (the person who will receive the money):
Click Receive in the app
Enter an amount and an optional cashback amount
Click Continue
A QR code will be displayed, just show it to the payer

The payer:
Click Pay in the app
Then click Scan QR Code
Point your devices camera at the recipients QR code and TurboWallet will automatically scan the code
You'll see the payment information, if it looks good, click submit to send the payment

Simple as that.

Remote Payments

You can send money to a user's email address, TurboWallet username or account address (starts with 0x).

Click Pay in the app
Enter the recipients email, username or account address (starts with 0x) in the To field
Enter an amount
Click submit to send the payment

Payment Links

You can send someone a link that will have the information needed to quickly make a payment.

To create a payment link:

Click Receive just as you would for in person payments
Click Continue
Under the QR code, you'll see an option to copy the payment link, click the clipboard icon
Send the payer the link through a messenger or email and all they'll have to do it is click it and submit the payment
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