Self Custody

TurboWallet supports self custody accounts which means that you are in total control of your funds and TurboWallet simply provides you with a nice, simple to use interface for you to interact with various blockchains.

Self custody accounts have no requirements and no limits.

Regular Accounts

TurboWallet has multiple tiers of KYC requirements.

Tier 0

This is the initial tier and exists to enable people that may not have proper identification to participate in the financial system.


Send limit: 500 USD daily

Tier 1

Tier 0 plus:
Country of residence

Send limit: 5000 USD daily

Tier 2

Tier 1 plus:
Passport or similar government issued identification
Picture of you holding your ID and a piece of paper handwritten with today's date and the text "I love TurboWallet"

Send limit: unlimited
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