There are many ways to get money into TurboWallet which are covered below.

Deposit Cash

You can deposit cash via local businesses or persons that supports TurboWallet Virtual ATM. You give the business/person cash and they send you tokens in TurboWallet in exchange. For example, if you give your friend $20 cash, they simply send you $20 in TurboWallet.

To initiate this process, give the person/business the cash, then in the app click the "Deposit" button, enter an amount and submit and QR code will show up. Show the business/person the QR code and they will simply scan your QR code, verify the amounts are correct, then submit. You will now have the money in your TurboWallet app.

Many businesses that accept TurboWallet for payments will also accept deposits.

There is no fee for deposits.

Deposit via a Bank Partner
Partner banks are banks that have partnered directly with TurboWallet or that support the stablecoins we use. If your bank supports this model, you'll be able to transfer money from your regular bank account directly into your TurboWallet account.

Deposit via Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Since TurboWallet uses stablecoins like USDC, you can send your tokens from a cryptocurrency exchange that supports USDC directly to the address in your TurboWallet app. Click "Deposit" to get your account address (starts with 0x).

Cryptocurrency exchanges are all over the world so you'll have to find one that works in your region and can connect to your bank. For instance, if you are in the Europe, Canada or the US, you can use Coinbase. If you are in the Caribbean or Europe, you can use Bittrex Global. There are many other options too, you'll have to search and find one that works where you are.


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